Power Up the Wedding Machine!

July 14, 2005


Well, our world got a whole lot crazier as of Saturday morning – OldestDaughter is engaged!  Husband and I were in on it the whole time as TheBoy came over later in the week to ask for permission to ask said daughter to marry him.  It went a little something like this:

Husband:          Boy, you look a little nervous…

Boy:                 Am, sir.  I’dliketoaskYourDaughtertomarrymethisSaturdayandI’dlikeyourpermissionisthatokay?

Husband:          You sure?

Boy:                 Yes.

Husband:          You and OldestDaughter have discussed all important and life changing things to prepare for this?

Boy:                 Yes.

Husband:          Got a ring?

Boy:                 Yes.

Me:                  Let’s see it!

Boy:                 Not with me.  Didn’t want to bring it to the office and risk losing it.

Me:                  Damn.  And…right.

Husband:          Yes, you have my permission and may take my oldest daughter away from me.  And now I must go in the other room to freak out and not think about you and my daughter on a honeymoon.  Thank you very much for coming.

Boy:                 Whew.  I need a drink.

Us:                   Me, too.

So, we’re having a wedding.  And I’m going to be someone’s mother-in-law.  And so now I’M going to need to go in the other room and freak out because this title is not one I’m ready for at this very moment as it conjures up horrible images of Everybody Loves Raymond. 

On the upside, I get to shop for an extraordinary dress and have over a year to find this jaw-dropping, red-carpet piece of artwork.  An ensemble that screams NOT Mother-in-Law!  AmFabulous!  Am Full of Elegance!  Am NOT a Meddler!  So There!

Am SO going to need some help…

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