My Radio Brain

July 14, 2005


It’s amazing how something as inconsequential as a car radio is sometimes a reflection of yourself.  I have XM Radio (which I love).  The first benefit of XM is the lack of commercials.  The second benefit is the abundance of choices of content.  What I realized this morning when flipping through my presets on my radio is how completely diverse my listening choices are.  In order from buttons one to six are a comedy channel, a “shock talk” channel, a somewhat conservative talk channel, the pop top 20 hits, the pop top 100 hits, and Fox News.  Which means, at any given time, I could be bouncing back and forth between Dr. Laura Schlessinger and the day’s rerun of The Opie and Anthony Show.  How’s that for juxtapositioning?

Maybe it’s because I grew up with so much media that I flip around the dial incessantly, but how can I not with all these great options?!  In one 15 minute segment I could listen to Dr. Laura give advice on not blowing your child’s life to pieces by getting divorced over something selfish, the latest Lil’ John remix, a Mitch Hedberg monologue, the latest on the war in Iraq and a bit about how men have to handle peeing in the middle of the night when they wake up with an erection.  Now THAT’s drive time!

But what does this say about me?  Are my media and content standards too high to ever be satisfied?  Do I have some kind of attention deficit issue? (maybe) Am I sick and twisted? (probably)  Or is it that with this age of information and my firm belief that information is the most powerful commodity there is, I can’t stop my “happy sponge mode” brain from wanting to hear it all?  (definitely)

And so I continue to be a Program Director and Advertising Executive worst nightmare.  I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon.  My only issue now is negotiating with my husband (who gets to use the second XM band in the car) to bogart his presets.  But, hey, it’s my car!

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