My Answers to THAT List

July 14, 2005


With apologies to all the readers who have graduated from college and thought they would never see have to see this email in their inbox again. The Writer’s Block made me do it. Ugh.

Admiring: That I’ve figured out how to do some HTML coding. And the latest layout update in InStyle. Dig it.

Beating myself up about: Procrastinating on those damn thank you notes at work.

Crying over: Meet Joe Black. Every g-ddamned time. And apparently everything else as I’m currently PMSing.

Daydreaming about: Manolos and a red Valentino dress. Ooohhhh, yessssss.

Excited because: The Swimmy’s startin’ to groove in gymnastics.

Frustrated because: The Swimmy’s NOT groovin’ in swim class.

Grumpy because: I have no desk lamp while I write this and I’m getting’ a headache.

Hate-filled and seething over: The list is long and distinguished.

Indignant because: I’m too damn old to “punch a clock” as salaried employee.

Just shoot me now because: I’ll be up WAAAY past my sad, grownup bedtime and pay dearly tomorrow when Swimmy comes boppin’ in at 6:30am. Jesus.

Kidding myself regarding: The Anthropolgie purse in the new InStyle layout.

Listening to: XM Radio. All Day Every Day. And Opie and Anthony. OMG.

Mooning over: My husband. And Patrick Dempsey.

Need: New clothes, a new piece of cool jewelry, A VACATION.

Obsessing over: My new blog and figuring out the publishing world.

Praying: That my moment of clarity is not a bad dream.

Questioning: Why the fuck people feel the need to click REPLY TO ALL on mass emails full of mundane information. Back up off that mouse, people!


: Any magazine that lands in my mailbox. Many blog sites. Books require WAY too much concentration right now.

Singing: I like to move it, move it…. I like to move it move it… (thanks Amalah – you’re killin’ me)

Trying: To get back into Pilates before my bad back shoves my ass back there for painful reasons.

Unnerved by: This. Ok, Ew.

Valentiney Update: Really not into Valentine’s Day. Prefer to receive flowers and general silliness any other time my husband isn’t REQUIRED to give them.

Wondering: If I could figure out how to Venetian Plaster my kitchen walls myself. How hard can it be? Uh, yeah.

X-rated action: Costs extra.

Yawning over: Some of the storylines on



. Come on guys. I’ve watched for 21 years – help me out.

Zoinks: I forgot to bring Courtney her checkbook AGAIN!

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