GirlFriends, and Also, {Sigh…}

July 14, 2005


I once asked Husband if he thought we would ever run out of things to say to each other.  Can’t you just feel all the men itching to make the obvious joke right now?!  Sorry, not biting.

He finds it amazing that BestFriendWendy and I can go weeks without talking and then the moment one of us comes up with the brilliant! idea for a visit we talk 900 times a day until the moment one of us in on the plane.  Why don’t we talk more when we know we won’t be seeing each other?  Not sure.  And, don’t care.  Dat’s jus’ how we roll.

Our conversations have changed since college.  No more who’s dating who, who’s working where, who’s moving to what city, the fabulous Nordstrom shopping spree, the cool wine bar, and reminiscing about can-you-believe-she-actually-wore-that-outfit-to-formal-that-time?! 

Now it’s more about goofy kids, insane and overly-perfumed in-laws, sucky jobs, friends (and family) with monumentally bad judgment, home purchases and improvements … and the occasionally bitchy reminiscing about freaky sorority sisters and our more than colorful dating extravaganzas in college.  Then, the obligatory statement about how we have no idea how we are alive and breathing today given the shit we pulled in college (The details of which are known only by a select few and will NEVER be shared with any offspring OMG). 

I loves my friend.  She is a new mom to a second beautiful! daughter and I am happy and sad.  We laughed in college about being Aunt Wendy and Aunt Pam and I continue to curse the universe and wish we lived closer so that our kids would know each other.  Sadly, this will not happen any time soon due to the whole “red state – blue state” issues SOMEBODY has.  Well, that, and we love our families too much to move.  Damn it.

So, while no guy was ever worth a long distance relationship, BestFriendWendy is.  And it’s time to get the calendars out, m’dear – ‘cause it’s been too long!  😉

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