Food Foreplay

July 14, 2005


People, I’m tired.  And hungry.  And usually Tired + Hungry = Bitchy.  But right now, I am thinking of a meal I get to have on Sunday night that is keeping me from bitch-slapping the nearest annoying colleague.  The Food Fantasy is a great brain tool I have.  Husband appreciates it almost as much as my Vacation Fantasy that kicks in the moment we even THINK about planning even a night away.   

Sad, I know.

Anyhoo.  Sunday night.  A fabulous South American menu complete with plantain chips and chimichurri dip, cute / artsy salads with creamy cilantro dressing, tender steaks, plantain crusted chicken, and more plantain chips chimichurri.  And coconut ice cream.  If I smoked, I believe I’d need a cigarette right now.  Hoo boy.

Husband finds it utterly amusing that my version of a hott evening starts with an extraordinary meal.  And a glass of good wine.  Yes, one glass.  I’m 10 years past graduate school and the metabolism ain’t what it used to be, you guys.  Plus, I’d be too lit to enjoy dessert and that is a fate worse than death.

But Husband can’t complain too much ‘cause when my food game is on, he (and everyone else in the vicinity) eats GOOD.  Used to be I wouldn’t blink at spending $100 on a pair of jeans – now, you can just tack that amount onto the grocery bill because I have discovered the specialty food areas of our local Central Market.  Cheese and garlic bread, home made dips and spreads and the prepared foods, oh, the prepared foods.  Sigh.

This is not helping my Hungry right now.

But!  Sunday!  Because I get to have the marvelous food fantasy for 3 more days, all annoying colleagues, pets, children and tasks will be handled with a goofy-ass grin on my face and a slight bemusement and disassociation.  It’s wonderful.  I imagine this is what the medicated feel like.

So, need something done?  The way to my brain, heart and pants is through my stomach.  Bon appétit!

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