Bait & Switch

July 14, 2005


Well, it turns out I did kill the fish after all.  A fish may have nine lives, but it doesn’t have ten.  And, yes, I do feel bad about it.  I knew I should have flushed him two days ago…

My problem now is this… I’m pretty clear that I’m not up for the “Death Talk” with my daughter.  But I only have two options:  Tell her the fish died or get a new one on the way home from work today and switch it out for the dead one.

Option Two.  No question.

But now I’ve created another issue… I really have no interest in taking care of another fish.  So now, not only am I lying to my daughter, but I’m creating another pain-in-the-ass situation for myself.  (This is why you shouldn’t lie, kids.) 

And so, I’m off to PetsMart (or what should now be renamed “GuiltsAndAvoidance Mart”) to find another blue Beta Fish.  If I really wanted to have some fun, I could bring home a red fish and tell her that Dori magically changed colors – just to see if she’d buy it.  But, again, this lying thing is already way too complicated.  I guess the upside here is we don’t have to come up with another pet name… but thinking up the next nickname will be a kick.

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